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Employer Plan Participants

Build Your

Success Story

We'll create a Way to fund it 

I Have an Existing Employer Plan

Review What I Have

Often, the best place to start is with what you already have. 

 Meet with a One to OneFinancial Advisors professional to review and talk about your employer’s benefit programs. Discuss the accounts you have, and talk about the other available programs you might want to consider, explaining the nuts and bolts and putting things into perspective based on your needs and situation.  If you have multiple retirement savings accounts, we can discuss your objectives and risk profile, helping to align strategic directions or options for consolidation.  

Work with a One to One Financial Advisors professional to understand the benefits you have, and embrace

what’s available.

Expand Within my Household

Next, align all the accounts

under your roof.  

Expand the conversation to address the other employer programs available within your household.  Work with your One to One Financial Advisors professional to create a cogent strategy, whether that means coordinating your efforts with the other stakeholders in your house, or whether it makes more sense to recognize that you both have radically different objectives, risk profiles and styles, and creating a logical strategy encompassing and benefiting from both.

Work with a One to One Financial Advisors professional to create a strategy and align household financial


Expand Beyond my Employer


Finally, expand the discussion to create goals and a direction

that defines “everything” and takes it all into consideration. You may know One to One Financial Advisors as the group
overseeing your employer’s retirement savings plans. For us, overseeing those employer plans
is undoubtedly important, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The OTO professionals have
multifaceted backgrounds, training and practice models that will enhance these conversations,
and the firm’s vast array of industry programs, contacts and alliances will benefit your review
and the resulting strategies. And everything is filtered through the lens of Guidance Focused

on You™.

Work with a One to One Financial Advisors professional to Build your Success Story.


Only Part of the Story


What makes One to One Financial Advisors different?

How we Work with you

Truly Individualized Solutions. Attentive Care over Time.

One to One Financial Advisors is a team of seasoned financial and support professionals dedicated to helping you, as a client,  Build your Success Story.  Regardless of your current financial sophistication and comfort level, with high-level finance industry certifications and a vast array of resources to tap, we guide clients, delivering individually-focused, flexible, impactful and comprehensive financial advice that addresses all aspects of their changing needs.  
Over time, these connections remains strong and allows our clients to maintain their confidence that our team is always present, keeping their Success Story top-of-mind and relevant.

Check out our Guiding Principles to learn more.







One to One Financial Advisors:  Our Guiding Principles

Our firm started with family members working together and has continued to grow, evolve and prosper by expanding this aspect. These guiding principles have been refined over decades, and are truly based in our practice of treating
our clients as we do our family.

- Team-Based Approach.   As part of the Success Story process, members of the OTO team will guide you through our review process, examining the interrelated
areas of your personal, financial and professional lives, while paying attention to aspects you might not have considered. We then meet as a team to create a comprehensive plan that addresses your areas of immediate concern and lays out goals and objectives that, over time, will lead you into and through retirement.


- Technology-Forward.  Although our clients can always call our dedicated support team, some prefer to independently track and analyze their finances.  In addition to utilizing industry-leading technology in Building your Success Story,
as an OTO client, you will have access to a suite of interactive systems enabling you to review your accounts, view the markets and learn about the world of
finance, at whatever level you wish to engage.


- Guidance Focused on You™. We are professional advocates, approaching each situation using a process that, as our client, puts your needs first. This
means presenting products and services chosen based on their abilities to address your specific needs, as we’ve identified them through the process.  Simply stated, we have access to an enormous range of directions, services and
providers, and we never enter your Success Story process with any preconceived solutions in mind.


- Independent Perspective.  The One to One team is trained, experienced and qualified to work with an array of strategies, accessing a large variety of companies that represent best-in-class organizations, offering a wide range of programs and products. We’re not limited to one or two companies, programs or account types.

- Availability.  When you contact us, you will be speaking directly with a member of our team; never a call center or an intermediary.  After your Success Story is built and executed, routine communication continues, as do contacts when
significant situations occur. We welcome the opportunities to speak or get together using technology or in-person, whenever you wish.


And, of course, we’d love to meet to your friends and family who would benefit from Build their Success Stories.

Guiding Principles
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