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"To You"

Your Success Story begins with YOU. Of course, investment returns are a major focus of our strategy planning. But
beyond the numbers, we can help you to formulate a specific, understandable and truly personalized strategy
encompassing the different phases of your life; from now, through retirement and into your legacy. So…

Who are the people and what are the elements and organizations that are important to you?

What will make you happy in the next few years?


Over the coming decade? Throughout retirement?

What will you be doing?

With whom?

Around who?

Where will you be located?

Where will you be living?

What are your vices?

In our hands, these are the building blocks for your Success Story.

“ To Your Loved Ones”

Think of your loved ones. Family, friends, neighbors, your dog…Who are the people who matter most?

What do you want their stories to be…

…over the next decade…

…20 years beyond…

…into and throughout retirement…

…when you’re gone.

We don’t believe in leaving such things to chance.

“For Your Important Institutions”

Think of the organizations that have been important at different points because they supported you or were an integral
part of your journey. If providing these institutions with support is important to you, then it can become part of your

ongoing and legacy strategies. How do you envision expressing this support? What type of outcome do you want to
see? If it’s important to you, write it into your Success Story.


Financial Planning

Guidance Focused on You™

When it comes to your finances, you need a strong team to assist you with important information and decisions. A key player on this team is the person who helps you choose and manage your investments. That person can have a major impact on your long-term financial health, so it’s important to understand how to select the appropriate financial professional.


Investment adviser representatives (IA-Reps) must adhere to a “fiduciary standard of care,”meaning they have a legal duty to provide investment advice that is in the “best interests” of their clients. It’s a higher standard of professional diligence than recommending “suitable”investments.


When you work with an IA-Rep, you’re still ultimately in charge of how your investments are allocated and managed, but typically the day-to-day management of your assets is handled by the IA-Rep, the IA-Rep’s firm, or third-party investment firms with whom the IA-Rep’s firm has agreements, depending on the terms of your advisory program. Your IA-Rep will communicate with you on an ongoing basis because the management of the assets in an advisory relationship
is a continuous process.


If you’re ready to start working with an investment professional, it’s important to understand the products and services that are being offered and the different obligations of registered representatives and investment adviser representatives.


No matter which type of investment professional you choose, it’s essential to find someone you feel comfortable with — who takes the time to understand your needs, preferences and goals when it comes to managing your finances.

Building your Success Story involves guidance that’s focused on you. The difference will become clear, starting with first conversation.

One to One Financial Advisors. Build your Success Story.

How Can We Help?


Rollover / Consolidate

Over time, you may have accumulated a mix of accounts and employer plans, creating a confusing and unwieldy financial picture.  Together with your One to One professional, you’ll review each account tto determine all of your options and what may be, or whether some might better serve you as they are.  This process is aimed first, last and foremost at making choices that are in your best interest.

I know what I want

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Whether or not you’re close to retirement, you will have an in-depth discussion with a One to One professional about your situation, desires and mix of retirement resources. The combination of your Success Story and our experience will provide a personalized plan. You’ll find out about offerings from our vast array of providers and programs that meet your unique needs and create your pathway to and through retirement.  

Upcoming Retiremen


Upcoming Inheritance


Upcoming inheritance 

When a loved one dies, a great deal of confusion can ensue.  Consider your One to One professional as a trusted advisor able to provide guidance throughout the estate settlement process.  You may already know that you will be receiving an inheritance. Before that happens, sit down with a One to One professional to discuss options for the money and walk through any questions or challenges you are facing.




Existing Annuities

You may have an old annuity that you no longer understand, may not fit your future needs and may be costing unnecessary fees. Your One to One professional is an annuity expert and has resources to research and intimately understand long-forgotten annuity programs. Together, you’ll review the annuity program, its structure, how it grows and distributes assets, and whether it fits into your financial picture. If not, then you’ll be presented with options that might better meet your needs. Because we start with Guidance Focused on You(TM), this process is aimed first, last and foremost at making choices that are in your best interest. In other words, “This program is great. I wouldn’t touch it.” is a possible reply.

Existing Annuitis


Existing Investments

You may have investments that are badly in need of review.  Perhaps you bought or inherited them long ago and are now wondering how they fit into your financial picture.  Your One to One professional can review these investments, explaining each one and, if necessary, calling upon our vast array of providers and programs to recommend changes that would be beneficial. Because we operate from Guidance Focused on you, this process is aimed first, last and foremost at making choices that are in your best interest.


Existing investments
Understand Employer Plans


Understand my Employer Benefits

When you began working for your current employer, things moved quickly and you may not have had time to focus on understanding the full breadth of employee benefits being offered.  Who could be a better choice than a One to One professional to help you understand the benefits you have, align them with your other accounts and create a unified plan encompassing your individual and workplace investments?  Because One to One Financial Advisors has been in the business of designing and running employer plans for over 30 years, we understand them intimately.  And because we operate from a Guidance Focused on You™, this process is aimed first, last and foremost at making choices that are in your best interest.

My Employer Benefits


Full Financial Plan

We will help you to Build your Success Story, as well as the Financial Plan to fund it. A Financial Plan is a living, evolving strategy that is comprehensive in nature, taking into account all members of your household, all aspects of personal and professional assets and income streams, multiple objectives bounded by numerous timeframes and the many elements of your own Success Story. The planning process is electrifying. Your One to One professional will coordinate efforts involving your accountant and attorney to create a plan that is bolstered by the necessary legal and tax structures.


Becoming a Financial Planner takes experience, dedication, and expertise. Planning professionals have chosen to start with Guidance Focused on You(TM), which means that this process is aimed first, last and foremost at making choices that are in your best interest.

Financial Plan

Full Financial Plan

Wills, Trusts

Wills, Trusts and estate Issues

Although One to One Financial Advisors doesn’t provide tax or legal advice, we will work with your own attorney to ensure that your investments, legal structures such as wills and trusts are aligned.  If this integration is done as part of developing a larger financial plan, then your One to One professional will coordinate efforts involving your accountant and attorney to create a plan that is bolstered by the necessary legal and tax structures.

Estate Issues

Wills Trusts etc
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